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ZERO WASTE: What can be found on Amazon?

I would like to start off by staying I know Amazon is not the most ethical company or environmentally friendly, but, the reality is it is easily access to many people. At another point in time I will try and create a list of places to find these products or similar that is not amazon. I can say for sure that checking your local grocery store or farmers market is a good place to start!

Earlier this year Mama Eco wrote a wonderful piece on how to reduce your order’s packaging waste on amazon I highly recommend giving it a read before you make your next purchase.

Mama Eco: Reduce Your Amazon Packaging in 10 Seconds

I would like to also add that before you go out and buy all these zero waste items, try and use what you have and then purchase items that can be reused (or are at least a little more sustainable and eco-friendly).

With that being said, let’s get into the topic at hand.

Recently (the last year I would say) I have been trying my best to lessen the amount of trash I created on a daily/ monthly/ yearly basis. When I began looking into where most of my trash comes from I found that a large amount of it spouts from things I would categories as “bathroom” or “cosmetic” items.  For myself, breaking down these items into categories has helped me create less waste. The subcategories are Oral Hygiene, Shower, Toilet and Other. These are the categories I will be organizing my recommendations under but if anyone out there has any other subcategories I would love to hear about them!

While not everything I talk about is reusable, I aimed for items that are less-wasteful.

(I also want to add that I have saved SO MUCH money not buying disposable items!!!!)

Oral Hygiene

  • Toothbrushes
    • I personally have been using the Radius Repurposed Materials Toothbrush and I LOVE it. I was unsure when I first purchased it since the shape of the head is not what I amused to but I have found I actually feel like my teeth and gums are cleaner than when using the typical toothbrush. The head of thee brushes are replaceable which is much less waste than throwing away a whole toothbrush.image.png
    • A (possibly) better option is to purchase a Bamboo Toothbrush. These can be composted and often bought in bulk! A good deal on amazing is the Bath Blossom Medium Bristle 8 Pack
    • If bamboo is just not your thing, Preserve has recycled toothbrushes that you can send back to them to be recycled again! I personally love Preserve brushes especially if I am traveling! If you are used to the traditional plastic toothbrush this is a great transition brush.image.png
  • Floss
    • If you don’t know, your floss is likely plastic. A good alternative is silk floss! While it is not a vegan option, it is much better than using plastic. I personally would recommend Dental Lace Silk Dental Floss with Natural Milk Flavor image.png(refillable floss and recyclable dispenser!)
    • A Water Dental Flosser is not only a vegan option but also great for environmental reasons. For some this is not enough but I personally have never had a problem with a water flosser. image.png
  • Bonus!
    • So I know not everyone uses a tongue scraper but it is honestly a game changer and I would HIGHLY recommend the Wowe Tongue Scraper. I personally use the stainless steel one but they also have a copper option.




  • Shampoo
    • BUY IN BULK! This is not the best option but it is better than buying smaller plastic bottle. If you can find a glass bottle buy the glass! If you can find any other recyclable material that isn’t plastic, its likely that is going to be better for the planet. I find myself still buying the Alba Botanica 32 ounce Shampoo, and when I finish the bottle I clean it and recycle it. image.png
    • Shampoo bars! Shampoo bars are not only easy to use but there is (usually) no plastic involved! While it cannot be bought on amazon, if you can get your hands on a Lush shampoo bar, do! There are many option on amazon and instead of going into too much detail I am just going to link a few I would recommend
  • Conditioner
    • None! While this doesn’t work for everyone (including myself) you may not even need a conditioner. If you can to try going conditioner free I would recommend distributing your hair oils before showering. This is done by brushing your hair for 3-5 minutes. This actually has a lot of perks beyond distributing oils (one example is it exfoliates and unclogs sebaceous glands!).
    • A conditioner Bar! Again, Lush has some amazing options! On amazon I recommend  Ethique Conditioner Bar for Normal-Dry hair image.png
    • Coconut oil. While I don’t do this method myself I have hear SO MANY people rave other this! Defiantly worth looking into.


  • Body Soap
    • I LOOOOOOVE pre de Provence bar soap but any bar soap is good! I personally have dry skin and anything with a little exfoliating in it is very helpful in keeping my skin smooth. I also would like to add that using a washcloth is good for you and better than those plastic-tossable-poof-things.  image.png
  • Face wash


So disclaimer: the BEST option is going to depend on your hair type. I am just going to provide some options and would recommend looking into what your hair responds well to and then make your purchase. I have wavy to curly hair and these options all work fine in my hair. This applies to skin care options as well! My skin is very sensitive, acne prone, combination skin.


For the toilet category I don’t have too much to say. I would say make sure you pick up compostable and biodegradable items. I don’t ever see myself fusing reusable toilet paper but if you choose to do that you do you!

Here are some items I would recommend:


This list is a bit random but its things I have found have made a BIG difference!

There are of course more options for hair removal than these two but I would say these options are the closet experience to using a disposable razor. I had a hard time getting used to a safety razor and defiantly nicked myself a few times but after yogurt used to it it is a much easier, closer shave than the disposables. Epilators aren’t for me but I do own one for when I don’t really feel like shaving but don’t want hair.

One option that you could never get on amazon is laser hair removal. I did this myself and it is one of the best decisions I have made. (Of course if you don’t remove your hair than you don’t even need to worry about this category!)

To finish off this very long post, i have gather several products with more conscious packaging, better ingredients and an overall upgrade from your standard disposable products.  I have done my best to find items that have reusable packaging as well. They are a but random but every little swap makes a difference!


I hope this was helpful! After I posted my first photo set on Instagram talking about zero waste living I got so many questions! This whole post is mainly off the top of my head so I am sorry if it is a little bit messy!

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 9.34.32 PM
The Logo To Look For On My Saved IG Stories

I would LOVE to hear about your favorite zero waste swaps! Feel free to comment or to reach out to me on Instagram! Also if you try/have tried anything I mentioned let me know what you think about the item!

❤ Irene






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